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Nothing Comes Close To This Massive Landlord Legal Forms & Knowledge Library… The Ultimate Real Estate Investor, Property Management & Landlord Related Online Forms Resource…

Compiled are all the state specific legal attorney approved and written rental forms you will ever need to manage your properties like a real professional. You will get state specific forms such as the residential lease agreement, commercial lease agreement and extension of lease agreement. State specific forms written to comply with your local state, county and city laws where applicable. You won’t find state specific agreements like ours anywhere on the internet! And having an attorney create them for you would cost thousands of dollars. I know because thats what they cost me!

It doesn’t matter whether you already have a set of rental forms or documents that you use currently, you’re new to rental management or you simply want to update the forms you now use. You will have the most comprehensive library of forms ever offered. Literally hundreds of forms, agreements, addendums, checklists, policies, letters, notices, guides, process charts, etc…

Never have to look for another Rental Form again! Find the form you need fast…

All About Rents – forms for increasing rent, collections, etc…
Better Tenant Relations – welcome letters, helpful guides, tenant tips, etc…
Eviction – letters, notices, how-to serve, process charts, checklists, etc…
Federal Forms & Resources – instant access to all rental related forms
Leases & Rental Agreements – Contracts, Disclosures, Addendums, etc…
Letters & Notices & Checklists – Every Letter & Checklist You Can Think Of…
Maintenance & Repairs – logs, procedures and maintenance request forms
Marketing Your Rental & Filling Your Vacancy Fast – samples of successful display and classified ads, checklists, best place to post your vacancy, FREE services…
Problem Tenants – every letter and notice your need to handle naughty tenants
Real Estate Investment & Becoming A Landlord – the good, the bad and ugly
Security Deposit & Move-in Move-Out – laws by state, procedures, checklists, etc…
State Specific Forms & Resources – leases, rental agreements, extensions, etc…
Tenant Screening & New Tenants – forms, procedures and checklists to help you weed out and find the best tenants

A complete index listing of all the forms below:

24 Hour Notice of Intention to Enter Dwelling
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate (East Palo Alto)
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate (Berkeley Only) KF
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate (COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES ONLY) KF
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate (East Palo Alto Only) KF
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate (Hayward Only) KF
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate (Hayward)
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate (Oakland Only) KF
3 day notice to pay rent or vacate (San Francisco Only)
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate (San Francisco Only) KF
3 day notice to pay rent or vacate (West Hollywood Only)
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate (West Hollywood Only) KF
3 Day Notice to Perform Condition(s) and/or Covenants or Quit – CA
3 Day Notice to Quit (after foreclosure (former owner) notice) CA
3 Day Notice to Quit -(“nuisance”) CA
30 Day and 60 Day Notice to Quit (City of Oakland Only) KF
30 Day Notice To Quit
30 Day Notice to Quit (For Cause) CA
35 Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Eviction Process in California KF
60 Day Notice to Quit (After Foreclosure-Tenant Occupied)
60 Day Notice to Quit Tenancy -Tenancy Greater than 12 Months-
60 Notice of Rent Increases
60, 90 or 120 Day Notice to Quit (City San Jose) KF
90 Day Notice To Quit (No Cause) (Section 8 Program)
Abandonment Notice 1 (Notice of Belief of Abandonment) KF
Abandonment Notice 2 (Notice of Right to Reclaim Abandon Property) KF
Accepting the Waterbed Tenant
Acknowledgment and Confirmation of Tenant’s Intent to Vacate Premises Letter
Addendum to Rental Agreement
Addendum to Rental and/or Lease Agreement
Apartment Traffic Report
Application to Rent – 2 Pages
Application to Rent -1 Page
Asbestos Disclosure
Asbestos Disclosure California
Bank Draft Authorization
Best Landlord Letters
Better Tenant Relations
California Fair Housing Audio
California Landlord Forms
Carbon Monoxide Notification and/or Agreement/Addendum
CCRs Addendum (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)
Change of Address Notification
Change Of Order Instructions
Cleaning Checklist For Move-out with Tenant Name and Address
Co-Signer Agreement
Commercial Lease
Commercial Preventive Law Handbook
Contact Sheet KF
Court Eviction Commenced � Pay All that Is Due and Tenant Can Stay Letter
Daily Planner
Demand for Removal of Violent Tenant Pet
Do It Yourself – 3 Day Notice Kit
Don’t Let the Vacating Tenant Clean You Out of the Cleaning Deposit
Early Move Out Lease Letter – Tenant Breaks Lease & Moves Early
Early Move-out Letter
Effective Rent Collection Techniques for Every Landlord
Email Register
Employee Performance Evaluation (3 pages)
Employee Time Card
Employment Application (2 pages)
EPA and HUD Real Estate Notification and Disclosure – Rules, Questions, & Answers
EPA HUD FACT SHEET -Lead Hazard Prevention in Homes Pamphlet Released
Establishing Your Rental Criteria
Eviction Bundle
Eviction Kit for California KF
Eviction Log KF
Eviction Notice as a Foundation to a Successful Tenant Eviction
Fair Housing Poster by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development -Spanish KF
Fax Cover Sheet
Filling Vacancies Fast
Final Maintenance Request Notice Letter
Fire Extinguisher Agreement/Addendum KF
Flyer for Rental (For Rent) KF
For Sale By Owner Kit KF
General Business
General Office
Grocery Checklist KF
Holding Agreement – (To Rent To Prospective Tenant)
Home Fire Safety Checklist
How to Automatically Accept Rent Payments
How to Collect All of the Rent from a Late Paying Tenant
How to Establish and Enforce a Rent Collection Policy
How to Handle Problem Tenants
How to Prevent Evictions
How To’s – Simple & Quick Reference Guides
How Would You Like to be the Landlord?
HUD – Inspection Form KF
HUD – Request for Tenancy Approval
HUD- Housing Assistance Payments Contract
HUD- Voucher
HUD-Tenancy Addendum
Independent Contractor Agreement
Instructions on How to Properly Prepare the form entitled ”Statement of Security Deposit Accounting”
Invoice Form
Job Estimate
Job Invoice, Job Estimate and Invoice Kit
Just Before & After The Eviction: What Every Landlord Needs to Know
Key Addendum & Acknowledgment KF
Key Receipt Surrender
Landlord and Tenant’s Communication Log
Landlord Floors
Landlord Rental or Apartment Criteria List
Landlord Training Manual � Keeping DRUG Activity Out Rental Property KF
Landlord’s Rental Standard Chart (or Criteria List)
Late Charge Levy and Non-waiver by Landlord to Collect Future Late Charges Letter
Late Charge Levy and Non-waiver by Landlord to Collect Future Late Charges Letter
Late Charge Notice KF
Late Rate Reminder
Late Reminder Letter
Late Reminder Slip KF
Late Rent Reminder Letter KF
Law Section Sponsored by Ted Kimball
Law Videos and Audio
Lead Based Paint Fact Sheets and Forms
Lead Disclosure Form (Lessor’s Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards )
Lead Disclosure Notice
Lead Pamphlet-English (Property Built Prior to 1978)
Lead Pamphlet-Spanish (Property Built Prior to 1978)
Lead Pamphlet-Vietnamese (Property Built Prior to 1978)
Lease Agreement (Long)
Lease Agreement (Long) Keyboard Fillable
Lease Agreement (short-one page)
Lease Agreement Violation
Lease Management
Lease Option
Lease or Rental Agreement Glossary
Lease Renewal (short)
Lease Renewal (multiple choice)
Leases and Rental Agreements
Lessor’s Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint & Hazards
Letter to Tenant; Lease Violation – Garbage
Letter to Tenant; Lease Violation � Home Business
Letter to Tenant; Prohibited Appliance
Letter to Tenant’s Oral Notice to Vacate Premises – Written Request Letter
Locks Agreement
Maintenance Record
Maintenance Request By Tenant Procedure Letter
Maintenance Request By Tenant Procedure Letter
Maintenance Request, Record and Log
Marketing Your Rental or Apartment Vacancy
Marketing Your Vacancy Process Flow Chart
Marketing Your Vacancy Quickly Flow Chart
Master List of Approved Move-out (Security Deposit) Charges KF
Memo Form
Memo to Set Matter for Trial
Mold Addendum
Mold Disclosure
Month to Month Rental Agreement
Month to Month Rental Agreement (long)
monthly planner
Move Out Cleaning Checklist
Move Out Notice, Inspection and Refurbishment Process
New Employee
New Ownership Notification-Attornment of Tenancy
New Resident Move-In Checklist
New Tenant
New Tenant Agreement Documents
No Pet Agreement
No Pet Agreement Without Permission KF
Noise Warning Notice KF
Notice of Change of Terms of Tenancy (30 Day Notice of Rent Increase)
Notice of Change of Terms of Tenancy (60 Day Notice of Rent Increase)
Notice of Change of Terms of Tenancy (Rent Increase & More)
Notice of Change of Terms of Tenancy 30 Notice Rent Increase
Notice of Change of Terms of Tenancy
Notice of Denial
Notice of Denial to Rent
Notice of Entry into Tenant Premises
Notice of Intention to Enter Dwelling (24 or 48 Hour Notice)-CA
Notice of Intention to Enter Dwelling (48 Hour Notice)
Notice of Non-renewal of Lease
Notice of Rent Increase
Notice of Right to Inspection (includes 2 pages “Apartment Inspection and Condition Checklist.”
Oil Adjustment Statement
One Rent Receipt
Order Form
Packing List Invoice
Parking Violation Notice
Pay Rent and Late Charge Notice (“Your Rent is Past Due!”)
Personal Property Inventory
Personal Tenant Check Return (6 reasons) Letter
Pest Control Addendum/Acknowledgement
Pest Control Disclosure
Pet Agreement
Post Tenancy
Powering Down-Saving Money on Utilities
Pre-inspection and Correction Notice
Pre-Inspection Checklist for the Landlord
Proof of Service By Mail
Proof of Service of Summons
Property Management Agreement
Purchase Order Form
Qualifying the Prospective Tenant
Quick Eviction Time Chart
Quotation Form
Real Estate Investing /Becoming a Landlord
Real Property Reporter (National, Monthly – 1 yr. subscription)
Receipt Confirmation of Tenant’s Intent to Vacate Premises Letter
Receipt for Tenant Screening and/or Credit Checking Fee
Record of Tenant Notification Procedures KF
Rent Collection
Rent Collection Enforcement
Rent Collection Policy and Procedures
Rent in Default, Possible Eviction and Credit Reporting Letter
Rent Payment Addendum
Rent Receipts
Rent Receipts (3 to a page)
Rent Statement (1 page)
Rent Statements (3 to a page)
Rent Statements (3 to a page)
Rental Application Fees
Rental Application Fees Authorization (Receipt for Tenant Screening and/or Credit Checking Fees) KF
Rental or Apartment Criteria (Standards) Worksheet KF
Rental or Lease Agreement Violation
Rental Specifications – Know Your Product!
Rental Standards Chart – Know Your Future Tenant!
Request Prospect to Fill-out Application to Rent Form Cover Letter
Resident House Rules
Resident Retention Report
Resident Survey
Residential Preventive Law Handbook
Satellite Dish Agreement
Satellite Dish Notification
Section 8 Housing Quality Standards Guide
Security Deposit / Move In-Move Out
Security Deposit Accounting
Security Deposit Settlement Acknowledgment
Security Deposit Settlement Agreement
Security Deposit Statement (Instructions on How to Fill Out the form, ‘Statement of Security Deposit.”)
Security Deposit � List of Pre-approved Charges
Security Deposit, Inspection and Refurbishment Process
Service Quote
Sheriff (evict) Instructions
Sheriff’s Eviction
Smoke Detector Agreement
Smoke Detector Violation Letter
Statement Form
Swimming Pool Rules
Telephone Message Pad
Tenant Alert List KF
Tenant Caused Damage or Service FINAL Letter
Tenant Caused Damage or Service Letter
Tenant Insurance
Tenant Insurance (short)
Tenant Relations, Communication and Retention
Tenant Retention
Tenant Rights and Responsibilities – California
Tenant Termination and Eviction
Tenant’s Move In and Out Check List
Tenant’s Move in and Out Condition Checklist KF
Tenant’s Notice of Intention to Vacate
Tenant’s Pledge To Pay Rent Arrears Agreement
Tenant’s Work Request
Tenant’s Notice of Intention To Terminate Tenancy
The 20 Day Eviction Calendar
The California Fair Housing Encyclopedia
The Keys to Keeping Tenants Happy (Longer)
The Landlord’s Eviction Notice KIT (CA Edition)
To Do List
Travel Expense Report
Unauthorized Alteration or Redecoration Letter
Unauthorized Changing of Locks | Duplicate Key FINAL Request Letter
Unauthorized Changing of Locks | Duplicate Key Request Letter
Unauthorized Pet Letter (first contact)
Unauthorized Roommate Final Warning Letter
Unauthorized Roommate Warning Letter
UNLAWFUL DISCRIMINATION- Your Rights and Remedies – Civil Rights Handbook California
Unsupervised Children Letter
Using the Gross Monthly Rent Multiplier
Using the Landlord Option in New Customer Setup
Vacancy Process Flow Chart
Waterbed Agreement
Ways to Collect Rent: The More than Two Dozen Time Tested Ones
Weekly Planner
Weekly Time Card
Weekly Time Sheet
Welcome New Tenant Letter
What is Normal Wear and Tear?
What To Do When The Tenant Leaves Early
Yearly Planner
Your Rent is Past Due!
Zero Drug Tolerance Addendum
Zero Tolerance Drug Policy

Here are some of the many benefits of owning the Ultimate Landlord Legal Forms Library:

Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library for Landlords, Owners and Investors.
Lets Your Tenants Know that You are a Professional Landlord!
Answers All of Tenant “What If?” Questions Before they Ask!
Get Tenants to Help Maintain Your Property!
Get Tenants to Keep Hallways Clean and Clutter Free!
Get Tenants to Pay Rent On Time Every Month!
Stop the Calls in the Middle of the Night!
tHow To Prevent Evictions With Proper Screening Procedures & Checklists
tProcess Charts Give You Confidence To Make Well Timed Decisions
tThe Library Will Save You Hours Of Searching & Provides Credibility In Court
Eliminate Problem Tenants Without Eviction Expenses!
Checklists Provide You With A Reliable ‘System’ so that You Don’t Miss Anything!
Get Tenants to Leave their Apartment Spotless upon Move Out!
Your Tenants Will Know what Is Expected From Them!
Analyze Your Property’s Income and Expenses!
Avoid The Nightmare Deadbeat Rental Applicants Instantly!
Screen and Choose the Cream of the Crop Tenants!
Reduce and Eliminate Headaches Before they Begin!
Reduce Turnover and Keep Tenants Happy!
Keep in Compliance with Federal Fair Housing Laws!
And much much more…

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