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Below we will discus a few of the attributes of rental home management application. Crucial thing is these attributes ought to assist and make the rental home management task easy.

Interactive Map Search Option

This permits the individual to easily browse home through interactive map option with fast clicks. Interactive map choice offers user new and easy means of discover homes. Map option shows all the homes listed within a particular area as individual zooms in or out. There are various ways to view a certain home; it can be viewed as mapped streets or satellite images. This shows the home area as well surrounding area. Customer can locate a certain location and find listings. They can browse through city name or zip code.

News & & Occasions Panel

This panel contains different dynamic information which can regulate by managers through admin tool. It can be news headline associated with home or brief details and an image that can be instantly drawing the attention of user to particular information. Each news or event product links to point out page. This page has added details with images.

It serves to have existing information and upcoming occasions on home page which quickly conscious the user.

Property Listings Attribute

The core feature of rental property management application is property listings. Which can easily gain access to by clicking relevant sort of listings needed, for example the number of numbers of rooms are needed. It shows the outcome with images and summary of important information. Info such as cost, address is shown beside image.

Quick links can be bought to offer even more point outs about specific home and see the property images from image gallery. Admin can easily modify these properties noting through admin area so details can quickly be updated.

Property Detail Page

As mentioned above property point out can view by click particular listing. Each home listing must have own information home page. In this detail home page visitor can see image slide program of a certain property. These images can be easily upgraded with few quick steps.

Home Photo Trip

An image galley need to be preserved of a particular home. The user can view a slide show of all the image of that property. Through this slide show user can have good concept of a home. Quick and easy upload is primary function, so manager can easily update the images of a property.